3 thoughts on “Justin Bieber’s BTS Photo Shoot for VIBE Magazine

  1. Mio says:

    Like say a hot girl sings and writes her own music WELL, would it make her any hotetr?I am just curious because when I like a guy and find out he is a musician (especially if he is good) it makes him SO much hotetr. Thanks!

    • Janaina says:

      I never heard this song but I just opened lrycis and I like them This is my very favorite line “You’ve got that smile,That only heaven can make.I pray to God everyday,To keep you forever.”

  2. Che says:

    Can a band cover a song on myspace music as a mucsiian? I’m in a band (unknown) and we are playing the song Sweet Child o’ Mine by Guns N’ Roses. and we want to know if we can cover the song and post it on our myspace page legaly. so is this illegal if we present the song and band as the original artists ?

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