Justin Bieber Finally Meets Boy Belieber Obsessed with Taking Him to Prom

Justin Bieber finally got to meet the boy belieber who, for 2 years has been desperately trying to convince the teen idol to be his “bro date” for the prom.

The obsessed–er–dedicated belieber’s name is Leon Purvis, and it’s been his dream for a long time that the Biebs would accompany him to his junior prom. Leon didn’t want JB to be his date, just his friend. Well, Leon and his idol finally met. But it wasn’t at the prom. Leon’s dream finally came true at a JB concert. Where else?

Yes, almost 18 months after Leon began bombarding the “Boyfriend” singer with a flurry of tweets and even a video, Justin finally responded. The superstar and his male mega fan met at JB’s concert in Philadelphia on November 4.

As you can see in a photo here, Leon looked ecstatic at finally meeting his idol. Although he probably would have been even more ecstatic if they’d met at the prom. But hey, every journey begins with baby steps.

“BTW,” Leon tweeted after that momentous meeting, “to all of the haters who thought I would not ever meet @justin bieber your jaws probably dropped because I met him! NEVER SAY NEVER!!!!!”

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